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2DTG Unveils DPM Upgrade to Honeywell's Xenon™ 1900/1902 and Vuquest™ 3310g Area-Imaging Scanners

Tue, 2012-04-24



2D Technology Group (2DTG) Unveils DPM Upgrade to Honeywell Scanning & Mobility General Purpose Xenon™ 1900/1902 and Vuquest™ 3310g Area-Imaging Scanners

Powerful and compact area-imaging scanners offer superior performance for DPM applications with industry-leading Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 6.0 by Honeywell and DPM Decoder/Plugin by 2DTG.

Potomac, Md. – April 24, 2012 – 2DTG today announced the availability of the icEveryCodeTM DPM Plugin, a powerful multi-platform decoding addition designed to extend the capabilities of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility’s Xenon™ 1900/1902 and Vuquest™ 3310g general purpose area-imaging scanners into the direct part mark (DPM) sector. The decoder was developed and integrated into these platforms by 2DTG, utilizing Honeywell’s TotalFreedom™ Plug-In SDK.

Combined with Honeywell’s industry-leading Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 6.0, icEveryCodeTM DPM Decoder delivers very impressive DPM performance on par with industry-leading DPM readers for a fraction of their cost. The device combines aggressive scanning of virtually any DPM mark, including Dot Peen, even on highly reflective, rough (cast) or curved surfaces. With its digital auto-focus feature, the decoder effectively reads low-stress Dot Peen and low contrast marks. Offering easy plugin installation on already deployed scanners, these enhanced platforms work seamlessly across a variety of DPM environments.

“Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is committed to offering technology that can be used by our partners to create true differentiation through innovative, value-added solutions. Independent software vendors can leverage Honeywell’s TotalFreedom™ development platform to create a virtually limitless array of plug-ins that enhance the functionality of our scanners,” said Taylor Smith, director of product management, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “The introduction of 2DTG’s icEveryCode™ DPM Plugin provides a powerful and cost-effective solution for DPM reading.”

Dr. Anatoliy Shishkin, president of 2D Technology Group, Inc. said, “icEveryCodeTM DPM Decoder raises the bar in terms of both the performance and the economics of the solution. In terms of the ‘price/performance ratio,’ it’s the best answer in today’s DPM market. This is extremely attractive to our customers.”

“This is a very impressive product. It transforms a general purpose scanner into a powerful DPM reader within a few minutes,” said Alexey Lezhnev, director general & CEO of Fluorintec, Ltd, a leading Russian auto ID company. “We have already used this device in a pilot project with the State Corporation of Atomic Energy ’ROSATOM’ and are going to offer it to all of our DPM customers. Performance and cost effectiveness – that’s what we like about this solution.”

Mike Nolan, president of Automatic Identification Systems, Inc. and AIDC 100 member said, “Our customers know us as a system integrator specializing in barcode applications. We are often asked to get involved in very tough marking and scanning projects. We recently tested 2DTG’s plugin for Honeywell 2D scanners and were very pleased with the result. The plugin significantly improved read results on low contrast dot peened DPM symbols. The consequence is that in many cases, we can now use relatively low cost flexible handheld scanning hardware rather than more difficult and expensive specialized DPM hardware or fixed mount scanners.”

The DPM Plugin will begin shipping in April 2012. For more information, please visit and For more information about the product’s competitive performance, please download “Xenon 1900/1902 - DPM Competitive Test Report” and “DPM Vuquest3310g – Performance Evaluation Report”.

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