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2DTG unveils major upgrade to its QR Code Decoder, Professional Edition – v.4.0 (Release 12.06)

Thu, 2012-06-21

This is the biggest upgrade since we released QR library 5 years ago. It deals mainly with four "decoder areas":

  1. Micro QR decoding algorithm was added to the QR code library.
  2. Micro QR codes were ensured to be supported in multiple QR decoding - up to 10 bar codes (both QR and Micro QR) within one image via variable settings.
  3. New algorithm allows dramatically reduced Quiet Zone size in captured image - down to 1 module size - while normative requirement is 4 modules for QR code and 2 – for Micro QR code.
  4. It provides the possibility to choose between the regular (black-on-white) and inverse (white-on-black) images along with “auto discriminating” option.
  5. Optional “Low Contrast Filter” has also been added to the algorithm to provide customer with additional tool in the challenging environment.

These improvements are illustrated by the Demo application GUI, that 2DTG provides along with the source codes free of charge, as a part of the delivery package: