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2DTG unveils Upgrade to its PDF417 Professional Edition Decoder – Release 12.11

Mon, 2012-11-19

The Upgrade deals mainly with three "decoder areas":

  1. Increasing the robustness of the Decoder’s Fast Mode by approximately 15% while keeping it the fastest (~ 2X) among the three of them.
  2. Decreasing the decode time for the Smart and Robust modes (by approximately 20% and 10%, accordingly) while keeping the success decode rate at the same level.
  3. Introducing the BW (Bar Width) Filter for image pre-processing.

The Filter represents the major improvement for this release. It is designed to make necessary correction to the bar width to compensate for the printing conditions.

ISO/IEC 15438:2006 specifies required dimensions and tolerances in the final printed bar code. In real life, however, after the bar code is printed onto, say, package the printed bars usually end up wider than the nominal X-dimensions (module widths) due to a number of factors. If this “widening” is too big (beyond the ISO standard), decoding software may not be capable of “reading” the bar code.

This situation is illustrated by the following barcode having the bar widths beyond the ISO standard:

Using BF Filter allows to easily decode this bar code that is, otherwise, “not readable”.