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2DTG unveils Barcode Decoder adapted for mobile platforms powered by Android 4.x

Fri, 2014-05-23

Barcode Decoder includes SDKs and DEMO applications compiled for mobile platforms (Smartphones, PDAs, etc.) powered by Android 4.x.

The package includes Data Matrix, Enterprise Edition, QR Code, Professional Edition and 1D BarCode, Enterprise Edition libraries with exception of postal codes.

Demo application utilizing the Decoding libraries above is supplied to demonstrate the software performance on mobile platform.

Data Matrix Decoding library includes “Dot Peen capabilities” extending its use to DPM (Direct Part Making) area.

Mobile DM Decoder provides useful enhancement for commercial smartphones transforming them to data collection tool on top of existing computing and communication capabilities, empowering workers to get the job done, regardless of location. It proved to be very effective even for DPM applications – on par with the specialized DPM scanners in the market.