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2DTG unveils DPM Decoding SDK for the use on Honeywell Dolphin 70E Enterprise Hybrid Device powered by Android

Mon, 2014-04-14

DPM SDK is a software program based on Data Matrix decoding software, developed by 2DTG specifically for Direct Part Marking (DPM), including Dot Peen, applications.

2DTG offers both Decoding library and Demo Decoder utilizing its DPM Edition library and compiled in Android 4.0 environment.

DPM addition provides critical enhancement for Honeywell Dolphin 70E Mobile computer designed to deliver multi-purpose computing, communication, and data collection at desktop-like speed, empowering workers to get the job done, regardless of location.

This might be particularly useful for the “light” DPM applications that do not require high resolution - Dolphin 70E’s Imager resolution is 10 mil. For this resolution range the device demonstrates solid DPM performance – on par with the specialized DPM scanners in the market.