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2DTG unveils Upgrade to its DataMatrix Decoder – Release 14.01

Tue, 2014-01-21

This release incorporates two out of three new features, introduced for Data Matrix library in 2013 - Grid Non-Uniformity Filter and “image re-equalization mechanism” - directly into the decoding algorithm. While the “Grid Adjustment mechanism” is designed to compensate for excessive scores of Data Matrix Grid Non-Uniformity, re-equalization within the image ROI (region of interest) increases the probability of correct Data Matrix spotting in it.

Though the equalization process is usually time-consuming, the implemented algorithm turned out to be very effective and does not increase decode time significantly.

In combination with the previously introduced “BWR” image pre-processing filter, this improvement allows to decode really challenging symbols, having substantial problems not only with Grid Non-Uniformity, but irregularities in the printed alternating pattern and/or module size (deviation of actual element size from intended element size, which is called "Print Growth"), as well:

In addition, this upgrade includes a new option for reduced Quiet Zone of Data Matrix symbol.