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2DTG unveils Industrial grade mobile Android barcode decoder and SDK with Bluetooth module

Fri, 2017-11-03

2DTG unveils Android barcode decoder suite - comprehensive software package built as a powerful alternate to traditional barcode scanner and cost-effective data collection tool that increases workers productivity and maximizes the value of your Android mobile device. It works on any mobile platform equipped with rear view camera (smartphones, PDAs, tablet PC’s, mobile computers, etc.) powered by Android 4.x and higher.     

Android decoder suite includes “ready-to-go” apps for data collection and decoding SDK:

Android Barcode Decoder Suite: ScanWedge Barcode Decoder Bluetooth Barcode Decoder Barcode Reader Barcode Decoding SDK

All applications and SDK utilize our barcode decoding libraries - Data Matrix (Enterprise Edition), QR Code, and 1D Barcodes.

Bluetooth Barcode Decoder APP - data collection tool for the industrial and office applications featuring three options for data output:

  • Bluetooth Virtual COM port on Windows PC - for the customers who utilize data collection software capable of reading decoded data from COM port.
  • Scan wedge data transfer to any “active” application on your Windows PC (through Bluetooth Virtual COM port by means of 2DTG’s provided keyboard wedge software).
  • Pop-up message box on your Android device.

Another new feature - On-line activation mechanism incorporated into Barcode Reader allows easy product transfer from one device to another maximizing the value of your Android decoder license.

Samples of Keyboard Wedge barcode decoding (DPM/Dot Peen):

MS Excel for Android MS Word for Android WPS-Spreadsheet for Android