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2DTG introduces Android DPM barcode decoder with Bluetooth module for Honeywell's Dolphin CT50

Thu, 2018-02-08

2DTG introduces Android barcode decoder and SDK  built for Honeywell’s Dolphin CT50 mobile computer powered by Android 4.x and higher.

This software provides two major improvements to CT50 scanning experience:

  • Ability to decode DPM / Dot Peen Data Matrix symbols, and
  • Ability to use CT50 mobile computer as a data collection tool for external computer/server utilizing terminal’s Bluetooth module.

It is designed primarily for Data Matrix DPM (Direct Part Marking), including Dot Peen, applications, but includes other major symbologies decoder, as well, for customer convenience. Dolphin CT50 with "DPM addition" demonstrates solid DPM reading performance – on par with the specialized DPM scanners in the market.

Functionally, it’s very similar to Android barcode decoder suite - comprehensive software package built as a powerful alternate to traditional barcode scanner and cost-effective data collection tool. The main difference is in image capturing procedure - it utilizes built-in Honeywell Imager instead of device’s camera to speed up the whole process.      

Android decoder suite includes “ready-to-go” apps for data collection and decoding SDK:

Android Barcode Decoder Suite: ScanWedge Barcode Decoder Bluetooth Barcode Decoder Barcode Reader Barcode Decoding SDK

2DTG’s decoding software seamlessly integrates with Honeywell’s “system decoder”, as well as CT50's Scan buttons and pistol grip. When image captured, both decoders work “in parallel” – whichever decodes it first. DPM / Dot Peen symbols are exception - only 2DTG’s software can read them.

This architecture substantially improves customer experience when doing DPM decoding – no need to switch back and force between two decoders if your scan-intensive workflow comprises “mixed” set of images.

Decoded data can be send then to the BLT COM port of your PC/Server for further processing.

All applications and SDK utilize our barcode decoding libraries - Data Matrix (Enterprise Edition), QR Code, and 1D Barcodes. Since most of them "duplicate" the system (CT50’s) decoder, you can use 2DTG’s application without switching back and force between them when doing DPM decoding.

Considering that 2DTG’s decoder transparent to selection of a scan button or pistol grip after it started (no need for special settings), this solution creates very friendly user environment, speeds up business agility and lower total cost of ownership. With our Android barcode decoder, you can integrate data captured with your CT50 mobile computer into your enterprise application quickly, easily and without writing any code.