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Data Matrix Decoding SDK – Network License

Data Matrix Decoding SDK – Network License

2DTG offers Data Matrix Decoding SDK, Enterprise Edition for Network environment interfaced to Windows 32 (XP … 10). Unlike RTL license, network licenses are intended to serve multiple users from a network server. The software is installed to a network share and the restriction is placed on the number of users who can access the software at the same time, i.e., concurrently.

Concurrent network licenses are a very cost-effective way to serve many people who need to use the software occasionally and “log off” when finished. Concurrent network license utilizes NetFloat technology and come with one License File, regardless of the number of users. Software activation is only required from one instance (either workstation or server) – it will enable all instances to have access.

It does not require an Internet connection to activate the software.

Data Matrix Decoding - User's Guide - Windows,  Rev. 06/18 Licensing / Evaluation Guideline - Network, Rev.06/18