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DPM Adapter

DPM Adapter is an optical addition to the Xenon 1950/1952 scanner designed to extend its capabilities into DPM area. In addition it increases effective scanner resolution on DPM Data Matrix symbols to 3-5 mils.

Regular Xenon has a resolution ranging from 5 to 7.5 mils, depending upon the model (HD/ SR/ER), Since it is strongly affected by illumination, substrate, etc., for DPM samples it is actually worse than that – closer to 9 – 13 mils range.

2DTG offers two adapter models, as follows:

  • 18-LDS4X0008FG, having Diffuser for reading marks on shiny surfaces. The Adapter is recommended for use with Xenon 1950/1952/HD.
  • 18-LDS4X0408FG, having 40 mm Adapters (lens) built-in (in addition to diffuser) for reading particularly small marks. This Adapter is recommended for use with Xenon 1950/1952/SR/ER.

If you already have a Xenon 1950 or Xenon 1952 scanner and want to extend its capabilities to DPM applications:

  1. Request Quote for OEM Pricing (high volume licensing), or
  2. Add to Cart to purchase Adapter you need.
  3. Mark “DPM Plugin” check box when placing the Order. DPM Plugin has to be installed to the Xenon Scanner to ensure DPM performance on a wide variety of surfaces and marks (particularly, Dot Peen).

If you do not have those devices - the best solution is to purchase scanner with DPM Adapter assembled and DPM Plugin pre-loaded.

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