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PDF417 Barcode Decoding Library

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PDF417 decoding library
PDF417 Barcode Decoding Library

2DTG offers RTLs (Run-Time-Licenses) of industrial grade PDF417 barcode decoding software interfaced to Windows 32/64 (XP … 10), Linux 32/64 and Android 4.x and higher.

Android SDK/Decoder comes as as a part of the industrial decoding software designed for mobile platforms (smartphones, Tablet PCs, mobile compjuters).

PDF417 barcode decoding library / SDK Specifications and Benefits:

  • Provides for Decode speed selection with 3 optional mode prior to PDF417 barcode decoding:
    • Fast Mode - High speed decoding (~ 2x faster than Robust Mode) - for applications where decoding time is critical and image quality is relatively good;
    • Robust Mode - lower speed but highest accuracy level – for poor quality images;
    • Smart Mode - almost as good as Robust Mode in terms of success decode rate, but still fast enough
  • Allows to decrease PDF417 symbol search time within the image, if PDF417 barcode orientation is known, by providing for three optional settings – “Left->Right”, “Horizontal”, “Vertical”, “All Direction”
  • PDF417 decoding library provides for Quality Parameters assessment in accordance with ISO 15415, 15416
  • Provides for up to 100 PDF417 barcode decoding in one image via variable setting
  • Introduces pre-processing filter for print gain correction - reduces or enlarges the bar widths with respect to spaces prior to RDF417 barcode decoding
  • Provides for omnidirectional PDF417 barcode decoding enhanced for low modulation grade or blurred images; compensates for uneven illumination
  • Provides for robust PDF417 barcode decoding even for symbols with overall damage up to 40%: barcodes with damaged borders, perspective distortions and most geometric distortions; lowered restrains on values of Defects and Edge Contrast (compared to ISO/IEC 15438).
  • PDF417 barcode decoding library may be ported per customer request to multiple Embedded platforms (TI, ARM, Power PC, MIPS, etc.) and IDE (GCC, Code Composer Studio (CCS), IAR Embedded Workbench, Tornado, Montavista, MULTI (Green Hills), VisualDSP++, Cross Core Embedded Studio, etc.)
  • Input parameter of the decoding software is a two-dimensional array of bytes which correspond to the gray scale brightness of pixels. (Our Demo Application includes the source code of "BMP convertor" into 2D array).

Price Models:

OEM Enterprise B2B
– high volume model
As low as $2.20 per license!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for detail
Enterprise B2B, internal corporate distribution
– low volume model
Available from On-line Store!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for quantity discounts
B2C distribution to individual consumers
As low as $0.40 per license!

.Net Framework integration

PDF417 decoding library can be easily integrated into applications written in C# to run on the .Net Framework. Download C# sample code for integrating PDF417 decoding library below. Please note that this projects is built only as sample C# application, demonstrating how to use decoding library - it does not contain the decode library itself. To test the Project with the library - follow the "Read Me" - instructions, included into the zip-archive.

License activation notice:

Windows 10/32 users: if you have Touch Keyboard service running on your PC (most laptops/notebooks have), you may need to temporary disable it before Activation/Evaluation. You can re-enable the service after activation - just change the Startup type of the “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service” service back to Automatic, as it described in the above reference. This is a known Microsoft's loader lock issue. (See also  "Licensing / Evaluation Guidelines").

Honeywell Handhelds compatible with 2DTG's DPM DataMatrix Plugin

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