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Barcode Decoding Software

2DTG Barcode Team has been specializing in image recognition software development for a wide range of applications since 1992. Starting to develop barcode reading and barcode generating software in 1999, 2DTG brought its first commercial barcode decoder (and barcode encoder) - Data Matrix - to the market in 2002.

Since then we have developed barcode reading software for all major 1D and 2D bar codes and continue to expand our inventory of decode software with the new symbologies every year.

Platforms and Operating Systems

All 2DTG's IcEveryCode™ libraries are compatible with the applications developed under Windows (XP-10/32&64), Linux 32/64, Android 4.x and higher, Windows CE 5.0, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, Windows Mobile 6.5.

The software is offered both as a dynamic and static decoding libraries, which developers can build into their applications at the time of compilation and linkage.

IcEveryCode™ decoding software products are designed with software developers in mind. The libraries provided for all platforms do not depend on the way the image was acquired, because the program processes two dimensional data arrays, where pixel brightness is presented as a bitmap. A wide range of devices can be used to read bitmaps into the computer memory: office scanners, digital cameras, web-cameras and other devices for image digitizing. Images can also be loaded from files. Scanning and writing to memory is performed by the user software - then IcEveryCode™ recognizes and decodes barcodes on a scanned image.

For industrial applications - where specialized barcode readers / scanners are used - 2DTG provides Embedded development services for porting its software to the multiple hardware platforms. The rapid growth of Direct Part Marking technologies has resulted in substantial growth of this market over the past few years. By now, 2DTG has ported its barcode decoding software to a few dozens of embedded applications.

Delivery Options and Activation

Delivery Package is organized as Developer Tool Kit and includes:

  • Dynamic or Static barcode decoding library
  • User's Guide
  • Barcode decoder / reader - DEMO application (includes source codes) built in C#, Borland C++ Builder and/or MSVS 2015)
  • Licensing Module  for Dynamic Libraries (Windows 64) or USB dongle key (HASP® HL PRO by SafeNet, Inc.)  (Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64)

Product activation can be done either on-line or (manually) on our WEB-site during the installation, or via e-mail, phone, FAX following the directions of the Activation instruction during the first program run.

Network licensing (NetFloat) is also available to reduce customer's overall licensing cost and to simplify the operations within the company's network.

Evaluation and Testing

All barcode decoding software is available in Trial versions. They are free and can be downloaded from the product pages or from the general Downloads page. Trial versions are fully functional, but are time limited to 30 days after the first run.

Please use our On-line Decoder and Sample images to compare our decoding libraries with the similar programs of our competitors.

Licensing Policy

Customers, purchasing licenses directly from this WEB-site using their credit cards or PayPal account, are not required to sign any additional documents. E-mail receipt or Order No. can be used as a proof of purchase for Technical support.

Customers, utilizing different form of payment (check, wire transfer ...), may be required to sign Software License and Technical Support Agreement prior to product delivery (all Licensees must provide a verifiable physical address).

Technical support is free within 12 months after delivery of a product. Technical support beyond these 12 months is a subject of additional Technical Support and Maintenance Agreement per customer choice.

Templates of “Software License and Technical Support Agreement” and “Technical Support and Maintenance Agreement” are available from our Sales Department.

Unrestricted licenses are also available for OEM manufactures for embedding our barcode decoding SDKs to there hardware or software platforms, subject to special licensing agreement.

Benefits of our Libraries

The “signature” of our decoding algorithms is its exceptional robustness which made our products best suited for DPM (Direct Part Marking) applications, particularly for automotive, aerospace and medical instruments industries.

  • Superior robustness accompanied by advanced digital filtering mechanisms for special applications
  • Multiple Data Matrix decoding within one image - up to 400 symbols per scan
  • DPM (Direct Part Marking) Data Matrix decoder, including Dot Peen Data Matrix reader
  • ISO/IEC 15415 Quality Parameters Assessment along with Data Matrix decoding


  • QR Code decoding library decodes symbols containing text in Kanji and Kana
  • Multiple QR and Micro QR code decoding - up to 10 symbols per scan
  • Decodes QR bar codes with reduced Quiet Zone size (down to 1 module size)
  • QR Code decoding library provides for ISO/IEC 15415 Quality Parameters assessment


  • Optional PDF417 barcode decoder speed settings
  • Multiple PDF417 barcode decoding - up to 100 symbols per scan
  • Optional BWR Filter - pre-processing barcode print gain correction mechanism
  • PDF417 decoding library provides for ISO/IEC 15415, 15416 Quality Parameters Assessment
  • 1D Barcode Decoding library allows to auto-discriminate symbologies within relevant barcode groups
  • ISO/IEC 15415, 15416 Quality Parameters Assessment along with 1D barcode decoding
  • GS1 Compliance, including GS1 Databar (RSS Composite) barcode decoding
  • Multiple 1D barcode decoding within one image - up to 100 symbols per scan
  • Small quiet zone barcode diagnostics and decoding


All-in-1 Barcode Decoding SDK combines all 2DTG’s barcode decoding libraries in one package. It includes Decoding libraries for Data Matrix, QR Code (including Micro QR),  Aztec Code, 1D (Linear barcodes, GS1 Databar (former RSS14 family), Pharmacode), Postal codes and PDF417 symbologies.


Mobile barcode decoder for Android by 2DTG is a cost effective solution for today’s industries - from military uses through to retail, manufacturing, distribution and logistics. Retail industries particularly rely now on smartphones as part of product identification and supply chain management systems based on mobile barcode decoding technologies. Smartphones and tablets are becoming an alternative to handheld scanners.cost effective solution for today’s industry


Aztec decoding library / SDK ( ISO/IEC 24778:2008) fashioned as follows:

  • Aztec Code decoding library (C++; MSVS 2017) to interface to Windows 32/64 (XP … 10), Linux 32/64, Android 4.x and higher; and
  • Aztec Code Decoder / Reader - DEMO applications written using C# and C++ in MSVS development environmet (includes source code).