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Honeywell Mobility Edge

Honeywell’s unified hardware and software platform for mobile computing - Mobility Edge Platform – represents the adoption of state-of-the-art hardware and software technology as the foundation of products and solutions to come. Extended lifecycle and enhanced security are two key reasons why the company calls it "next-generation workforce solutions." Only Mobility Edge guarantees support through Android R, giving you the longest security lifecycle in the industry.

Companies with enterprise mobility deployments, such as warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation and logistics providers would be the first to appreciate the advantages and flexibility of Mobility Edge Platform. But industrial companies interested in the industrial-grade data collection features combined with high productivity, elegance and advanced communication should also take a close look at this new generation mobility solution.

Dolphin CT60 is the first representative of the Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform concept/family. It’s a modern, versatile, IP67 (the same as its predecessor CT50) rated mobile computer designed for transport and logistics, field service, and warehouse environments. Upgraded with DPM (Direct Part Marking) Decoder by 2DTG (BD-A-CT60|50) for Android OS), the Dolphin CT60 demonstrates competent DPM / Dot Peen performance on par with the specialized DPM scanners.

Dolphin CT40 is the second device of the Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform concept/family. It  was designed primarily for indoor use and light-duty field mobility to be a one-stop device for retail store associates and other mobile workers that can handle everything from order picking at a distribution center to in-store merchandising to home delivery and more. The Dolphin CT40 can be considered as lighter (and less expensive) variant of CT60.

The Dolphin CN80 is an Android Enterprise Recommended device, meaning it's rugged, built to deploy easily in the field, and built to stay up to date over a long-life span. It designed to help logistics, warehouse, and field-mobility organizations to transition from the old world of Windows CE and Windows Mobile/Embedded Handheld devices to the world of Android. The CN80 is also a member of the Honeywell “Mobility Edge Platform” family.


Honeywell Handhelds compatible with 2DTG's DPM/DMPS DataMatrix Plugins

Xenon 1950/1952 Granit Scanners Vuquest3320g Voyager 1400g Voyager 1470g/1472g Voyager 1602g N56XX engine