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QR Code decoding library

         NEW! QR Code decoding library v.20.10 - major algorithm enhancement - Dot Peen decoding

2DTG offers QR Code decoding library / SDK (ISO/IES 18004:2015) under our trade name icEveryCode™ fashioned as follows:

  • QR Code decoding library is written using C++ programming language and interfaced to Windows 32/64 (XP … 10), Linux 32/64 and Android 4.x and higher,  and
  • QR Code Decoder / Reader - DEMO applications built using C# and C++ (include source code) in MSVS IDE 

2DTG’s QR Code decoding library is GS1 compliant - it returns Symbology Identifier that can be used by GS1 users when building their applications.

Price Models:

OEM Enterprise B2B
– high volume model
As low as $2.20 per license!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for detail
Enterprise B2B, internal corporate distribution
– low volume model
Available from On-line Store!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for quantity discounts
B2C distribution to individual consumers
As low as $0.40 per license!

Network Licensing and Terminal Services

Terminal Services are not supported by our regular, "single instance licensed library". Running library over the network requires network license, which is not bound to any particular workstation on the network, but rather to the network itself. 2DTG offers network licenses both for RTL and Dongles providing the ability to host multiple, simultaneous client sessions. Activating / deploying the DLL on one instance (either workstation or server - “seat”) will enable all seats (up to the total number of purchased network licenses) to have access.

RTL Network Library/License - QR Code SDK, NetFloat – contact Customer Center.

For Network license on Dongle,

  • select network option you need at the time of order, or
  • purchase network upgrade (if you have already acquired dongle license from us before).

Order products

Add to cart form Sell price
QR Code decoding SDK - RTL $219.95
QR Code Decoding SDK - Dongle $349.95
QR Code SDK - Dongle Network Upgrade $75.00

QR Code decoding SDK benefits:

Features Description
Micro QR Code decoding Micro QR Code decoder / reader is included
Quality Parameters QR Code decoding library provides for optional Quality Parameters calculation in accordance with ISO 15415
Multi Mode QR Code decoding library decodes up to 10 QR code symbols within one image via variable settings
Inverse Color QR Code decoding library optional feature allowing to choose between the regular (black-on-white) and reverse (white-on-black) images
Reduced Quiet Zone QR Code decoder optional feature allowing to decode QR bar codes with reduces Quiet Zone size (down to 1 module size)
Low Contrast Filter QR Code decoder built-in pre-processing filter for low-contrast images
Mirror QR Code decoding QR Code decoder setting providing for decoding of a “mirrored” QR Code symbol
Dot Peen Decoding Implemented as a “Filter” option “Dot Peen”
  • OEM Development License - any QR Code decoding SDK for OEM customers comes with one free Development License
  • Trial QR Code decoding SDK is fully functional but limited to 30 days (Windows OS only). Linux versions do not have time limitation, but some characters in the decode output are replaced with asterisks.
  • Software Maintenance—includes free support and download access to the latest versions of the product for the 12 months since the day of purchase.

QR Code Reader for Linux OS is available only as a trial version from this page. Trial version is fully functional but some output characters are replaced with asterisks. Operational Linux version is a subject of Software License and Technical Support Agreement that can be received from Customer Service Representative

"Real" Sample images (with noisy background, border destruction, blurred, etc.) can be used to compare our decoding libraries with the similar programs of our competitors. Such analysis can also be performed utilizing our On-line Decoder. 

QR Code Decoding - User's Guide - Windows,  Rev. 20.10 Licensing / Evaluation Guideline, Rev.06/18