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Embedded Development

Commercial and industrial applications, utilizing handheld 2D imaging barcode scanners, fixed mount barcode readers, barcode scan engines or any other specialized devices that require high-performance barcode decoding software to be embedded in a hardware platforms, have been a special focus of our company since the beginning. The rapid growth of Direct Part Marking technologies has resulted in substantial growth of this market over the past few years.

2DTG provides services for embedded programming - porting our decoding software to embedded platforms for many customers all over the world and for a variety of industries including retail (POS), manufacturing, pharmaceutical and supply chain.

This task is quite different from running decoding software on PC that usually has more than enough resources for that. Embedded decoding software must be in a very small package but keep its performance in line with PC. By now, 2DTG has ported its barcode decoding software to more than a few dozens of embedded platforms - hardware platforms and embedded development tools (IDEs) are listed below:

Hardware Platforms

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Intel, AMD – desktop systems

AMD/MIPS32&64 processors

Texas Instruments TMS320DM64xx

PowerPC (PPC) processors

Blackfin processors

ARM processors, including:

  • XScale (32-bit ARMv5TE)
  • Freescale family
  • ARM9, etc.

Multiple Smartphone/PDA Platforms 

Borland C++ Builder

Microsoft Visual Studio (MSVS)

GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

Code Composer Studio (CCS)


MontaVista DevRocket

MULTI (Green Hills Software)


IAR Embedded Workbench

Cross Core Embedded Studio


Project Management

Our project managers are committed to the highest level of precision, quality, timely delivery, and full compliance with your requirements.

2DTG's service and support staff are transparent during all stages of the development. Your representative can be a member of the project team, and information is available to you on a real time basis. Our knowledgeable team will adjust our development process to meet your standards, and contract terms are flexible to suit your requirements.

Project stages

 1.    Project Inquiry and Requirement Analysis

We encourage you to send us your technical requirements (functional specification and the existing architecture description) as well as your project timeline, so we could promptly prepare the proposal for you. Please be as specific as possible in your inquiry. Some questions are particularly important for building a proposal - please, use Request Form below:

2.    Preliminary analysis

2DTG will provide you with a Demo project and quotation for project implementation.

3.    Project implementation

During this stage, we will provide you with the development plan and project updates.

4.    Software release & project acceptance

2DTG will deliver a compiled project and user manual (installation/release note).

5.    Technical Support

2DTG provides 1 year of free technical support for any software application that fall within the functional specifications.

Intellectual Property Rights

2D Technology Group is subject to US Intellectual Property regulations. Because many projects are commercially sensitive, to protect your interests we usually sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we start working.

Fll out the application form below to help us to speed up your request for embedded development:

Request Form

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