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Android DPM Reader/SDK - Nautiz X41

DPM Barcode Reader - Nautiz

2DTG offers Android barcode decoder and SDK, software upgrade adapted to Handheld's Nautiz X41 mobile computers powered by Android. It is designed primarily for Data Matrix and QR Code DPM (Direct Part Marking), including Dot Peen, applications, but includes other major symbologies decoder, as well, for customer convenience. Both computers with "DPM addition" demonstrate solid DPM reading performance – on par with the specialized DPM scanners in the market.

Functionally, it’s very similar to Android barcode decoder suite - comprehensive software package built as a powerful alternate to traditional barcode scanner and cost-effective data collection tool.    

Android barcode decoder includes “ready-to-go” apps for data collection and decoding SDK:

Android Barcode Decoder Suite: ScanWedge Barcode Decoder Bluetooth Barcode Decoder Barcode Reader Barcode Decoding SDK
  • Keyboard Wedge Barcode Decoder APP - powerful, automated data-collection system for Android platforms. It provides real-time data acquisition and forwarding it to Office applications, databases, and custom-built systems installed on your mobile device,
  • Bluetooth Barcode Decoder APP - data collection tool for the industrial and office applications featuring three options for data output:
  • Bluetooth Virtual COM port on Windows PC - for the customers who utilize data collection software capable of reading decoded data from COM port.
  • Scan wedge data transfer to any “active” application on your Windows PC (through Bluetooth Virtual COM port by means of 2DTG’s provided keyboard wedge software).
  • Pop-up message box on your Android device.
  • Barcode Reader APP to demonstrate software performance on mobile Android platforms.
  • Barcode Decoding SDK – decoding library and sample project, for building your own application,

Both applications and SDK utilize our barcode decoding libraries - Data Matrix (Enterprise Edition), QR Code1D Barcodes and PDF417. The symbologies can be auto-selected by the Library / Decoder or selected manually prior to decoding from the Settings Menu (to speed up decoding process).

2DTG’s barcode decoding libraries for Android are GS1 compliant - they return Symbology Identifier that can be used by GS1 users when building their applications.

2DTG's upgrade (BD-A-X41) can be added to any configuration of Nautiz X41 mobile computer running Android.

Android Barcode Decoder Androide Barcode Decoder - User's Guide