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All-in-1 Barcode Decoding SDK – RTL

All-in-1 Barcode Decoding SDK – RTL

2DTG offers Barcode Decoding SDK that combines all 2DTG’s libraries in one package. The symbologies can be auto-selected by the Decoding Library or selected manually prior to decoding from the Settings Menu (to speed up decoding process).

The following barcode decoding libraries are included into the package:

Library features are the same as for the full Windows versions. They are described in detail in the corresponding User’s Guides

The library can be used on any Windows v. 7-10/32&64, Linux 32&64 or Embedded platform.

It’s GS1 compliant - returns Symbology Identifier that can be used by GS1 users when building their applications.

Data Matrix decoder includes “Dot Peen capabilities” extending its use to DPM (Direct Part Making) area.