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EasyDL Drivers License Parsing Software License (supports encrypted GA driver’s licenses) for Xenon, Vuquest and Voyager Scanners



  • Parses bar code data found on government-issued identification cards for applications involving age verification or automatic electronic form population
  • Eliminates the need for host system software to process the encoded information contained within 1D and 2D bar codes found on government-issued identification
  • Compatible with Xenon 1900, Xenon 1902, Vuquest 3310g, Voyager 1400g, Voyager 1450g/1452g, Voyager 1602g, N5600, Genesis 7580 and IS4920

Honeywell Handhelds compatible with 2DTG's DPM/DMPS DataMatrix Plugins

Xenon 1950/1952 Granit Scanners Vuquest3320g Voyager 1400g Voyager 1470g/1472g Voyager 1602g N56XX engine