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Data Matrix Decoding SDK – PRO-Lite - RTL

Data Matrix Decoding – Professional

2DTG offers RTLs (Run-Time-Licenses) of PRO-Lite Data Matrix decoding software, interfaced to Windows 32/64 (XP … 8), Linux 32/64 and Android 4.x & higher. PRO-Lite edition is recommended for applications, requiring mostly to read Data Matrix symbols printed on paper.

Data Matrix Decoder / Reader Specifications:

  • Data Matrix decoding library meets all requirements of ISO/IES 16022, 15415
  • Provides for Quality Parameters assessment in accordance with ISO 15415 along with Data Matrix decoding 
  • Provides for application specific speed/robustness selection for Data Matrix decoder / reader:
    • Equal+GrAdj – default setting – optimal for most images though it can increase decode time compare with Robust (regular) mode.
    • Re-Equalization – for the particularly challenging images (may increase decode time by 25-30%);
    • Adjust Grid – compensates for a symbol’s cell deviations from the ideal grid – does not increase the decode time;
    • Robust Mode – for the “difficult to read” images;
    • Fast Mode - high speed decoding (2-3x faster than Robust version) - for the applications where decoding time is critical and image quality is reasonably good
  • Optional settings allow for inverse (white-on-black image) color Data Matrix decoding and a “mirrored” Data Matrix symbol decoding
  • Data Matrix Decoder / Reader accurately decodes Data Matrix symbols with border destruction of up to 15%+
  • Data Matrix decoding algorithm ensures omnidirectional decoding of symbols having perspective distortions in the range of [-60 .. +60] degrees from the upright scan direction and “reads” Data Matrix symbols with minimum module size as low as 2x2 pixels (“regular” industry requirement - min. 4x4 pixels)
  • Input parameter of the decoding software is a two-dimensional array of bytes which correspond to the gray scale brightness of pixels. (Demo application includes the source code of "BMP convertor" into 2D array).

Price Models:

Enterprise B2B, internal corporate distribution
– low volume model
Available from On-line Store!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for quantity discounts
B2C distribution to individual consumers
As low as $0.40 per license!