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Can your Protection Suite software be used for protecting document exchange? Does it protect from direct coping?

This method does not provide 100% protection from direct copying. It was not designed to replace regular protection mechanisms, like encryption, steganography, etc. Rather it  was designed first of all for supply chain applications or for any other application that utilizes barcode as “information tag” and "protection" would be a supplemental requirement.  

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Protection Suite

Please give some examples of commercially available imaging devices utilizing 2DTG’s software.

Our DPM Data Matrix decoding module is incorporated in such popular Honeywell Area Imagers as Xenon 1900/1902, Granit 1910i/1911i and Vuquest3310g, as well as Honeywell mobile computers: Dolphin 7800 & 99EX and Dolphin 6500.

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DPM Plug-in
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