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Barcode Security - Encoding

Product line: 
Barcode Security Suite
DMPS Encoding

2DTG offers Data Matrix Security Encoding SDK (DMPS_E) fashioned as follows: 

  • Data Matrix Security Encoding library interfaced to Windows 64 and
  • Data Matrix Security Encoder - DEMO applications build in C# and MSVS 2017 (includes source code)

DMPS_E has a proprietary built-in mechanism allowing to enable Data Matrix Authentication and to encrypt it, if required, in addition to the regular data encoding. Table below demonstrates examples of Data Matrix symbols with the same encoded text message, but different levels of protection:

NO Protection Authentication enabled Encryption Authentication + Encryption

 Starting points:

  • Both barcode libraries - DMPS_E and DMPS_D - are required to start protecting your products/documents.
  • Data Matrix Security software comes with trial Authentication Key (User ID).  "Operational" Authentication Key for your company will be mailed to you within 24 hours after the purchase.
  • Optional for OEM customers: 2DTG can supply User ID Generator, so you can create different authentication keys for different customers or groups of customers, as you wish.

To build Authentication/Encryption system within your (distribution) network:

  • Enable authentication mechanizm while encoding datamatrix label using DMPS_E and Authentication Key before planting it on your products/documents.
  • Encrypt datamatrix label while encoding it using DMPS_E and Encryption Key (Product_ID) before planting it on your products/documents for additional protection, if necessary.
  • Provide participants of this network (or have them purchased) DMPS_D datamatrix decoding software.

 Your brand/product/document is protected now!