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DMPS Protection Plugin

Authentication | Decryption Data Matrix Plugin

2DTG offers Data Matrix Security Plugin (DMPS Plugin) fashioned for Honeywell Total Freedom Platform: Xenon 1950/1952, Vuquest 3320g, Granit 1910i/1911i/1920i/1990iSR/1990iXR/1991iSR, scan engines N56xx, N66xx, Voyager 1470g/1472g/1602g.

In substance, the plugin is an extension of Data Matrix Security Decoding software DMPS_D to the embedded platform. It has a proprietary built-in mechanism allowing to "read" enabled for Authentication Data Matrix and to decrypt it, if it was encrypted/enabled for authentication by Data Matrix Security encoding software DMPS_E (in addition to the regular Data Matrix decoding). Table below demonstrates examples of Data Matrix symbols with the same encoded text message, but different levels of protection, generated by DMPS_E:

NO Protection Authentication enabled Encryption Authentication + Encryption

DMPS Plugin includes DPM/Dot Peen capabilities to extend its use to industrial applications.

Starting Points:

  • Data Matrix Security Encoding software (DMPS_E) may be required along with DMPS Plugin to start protecting your products/documents.
  • DMPS Plugin comes with trial Authentication Key (User ID).  "Operational" Authentication Key for your company will be mailed to you within 24 hours after the purchase.
  • OEM customers (optional): 2DTG can supply User ID Generator, so you can create different authentication keys for different customers or groups of customers, as you wish.
  • Install DMPS Plugin to your platform following User’s Guide instructions.
  • Configure DMPS plugin as follows:
    • Upload Authentication Key (User ID), supplied by 2DTG, and Encryption Key (Product ID) at your discretion into the Scanner, and 
    • Enable required protection settings.
  • Each of the commands attributed to these steps can be implemented either by means of EZConfig Command Center or by scanning appropriate command code (see User's Guide for detail).

 Your brand/product/document is protected now!